Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello! I am Latasha and welcome to my website. I created this blog as a project with Creative Writing, which is an ESL and Web Design program. If you would like to work with me, just use the contact form available on this site. Below is my personal CV, with some samples of sites and content material I've produced earlier.

Graduated with distinction from York Univery
5 years of marketing and advertising experience (particularly for Online individuals)
6 years of website development experience.
Competent, self-motivated professional with a taste for facts.

Work Experience.
Creative Writing,2007 - Present
General Manager
In control of putting together a international team of internet writers to accommodate a specialized range of growth goals and objectives.
- Make cutting edge records for end result, raising production by 25% all over the globe
- Accurately handled regular logs of project distribution
- Handled QA for international creation over a large team of internet writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Hindustani
Exceptional knowledge utilizing extensive choice of office software

You can find my work on these sites

White Jumpsuit

This apparel can now be found in malls and even at local store. You can easily look it up and choose the style that you want. Choosing the jumpsuit for your body type can be tricky too. In order for you to rock a white jumpsuit, you need to choose... Click here to continue..

Business Casual For Men

It is important for an employee to learn how to dress casual properly and still look formally good in the office. Here are a number of guidelines to consider in dressing business casual men. Shirts- It is well to keep in mind that an outstanding casual look can never be achieved if you only focus on the shirt you wear. There are other important points you should... More on this page..

Business Casual For Women

It should also be considered that your every outfit must be appropriate for your position in the company. What is really the right business casual look for you? Business casual for women does not need to include the latest fashion trends. Classic cuts that perfectly fit your shape are a good option.... Source..

Business Dress

Dress codes are proper. It does not only make a standard it also uplifts the worth of every working person. It is made for every worker’s comfort and protection as well. It is made for comfort because the length sees to it that a person can move easily while working without thinking of what may come slipping. It is made... More on this site..

College Hoodies

Every college student in the country has at least one college hoodie in the closet and some of them even wear them every day! Originally, college hoodies were popular in males. Today, women have also joined the trend and customized hoodies in female sizes are already available in the market. These hoodies... More on this site..

Crochet Bikini

A crochet needle has a hook in one end to pull the thread through knots and loops when creating a fabric. Crochet differs from knitting since... Find out more...

Custom Fabric

These include polyester, cotton, silk, cotton blends, linen and other synthetic materials. Pigment ink is used for printing a design onto the fabric. Custom printed fabric has a number of applications such as upholstery, clothing, umbrellas, banners, handbags, ties, tablecloths, pillowcases, blankets, bedsheets,... Continue reading..

Cute Clothing

Some dainty clothes may appear with laces in it. Some may even be short enough yet lady like. These clothes attract every person. Even just looking at dainty... More on this page..

Design Magazines

In order for people to keep informed regarding all the latest innovations in design, there are always design magazines available for them... Continue reading..

Disco Clothes

There are lots of ideas to choose from when it comes to 70’s disco costumes. Looking for the perfect one can be fun and exciting too. If you are planning to attend a retro costume party, having the right clothes is important. When the theme is retro, clothes of the 60’s and 70’s... Find out more...

Dress Styles

A good dresser is someone who shows versatility in dressing wherever, or whatever the occasion may be, such that she looks good and fashionable even in conservative cuts, and still classy while wearing simple casual dresses. The following styles are worn during special events: Party Dresses - usually worn during birthdays, Holiday parties, and the like. Wedding Dresses – conservative type of dresses or gowns designed for wedding guests/members of the wedding entourage School Dresses-... Continue reading..

Dress Websites

What are the important things that must be taken into consideration in creating dress websites? The first element of design that you should decide on is color. It is an essential part of the overall theme of your website for dresses.... More on this page..

Easter Dress

Kids always wanted to dress up and this is the perfect time to do that. The usual Easter dress that a girl would want is something with a fluffy skirt. Girls love the princess- look with the big skirt and the floral accents. Lace has been a very popular addition to Sunday dresses recently. It looks very elegant and expensive. Intricate beading on the dress can also transform your kid into a princess. It... To read more click here...

Geek Shirts

Nevertheless, selecting and buying this kind of shirt needs a few things to be considered. Keep in mind that the choice you make of this shirt mirrors your personality. Thus you need to see to it that the image on the shirt is not only fun but more importantly, self- aware. For example, a shirt printed with Star Wars characters is a great choice for wearers who once... Find out more...

Greek Letter Shirts

It opens your eyes and widens your perspective on a lot of things. You won't only  be seeing a lot of new and fresh faces, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet them, get to know them and even build relationships with them. However, some relationships which may often appear transient, like when... Click here to read more..

Pinup Dresses

There are also old trends which have been revived to suit the modern generation’s needs and wants. In the decades of 1980, punk tradition was at its peak. As time went by, it has been seeing some revival with the... Click here to read more..

Skirt Patterns

This skirt pattern is best for females who want to shun away the focus from the rear behind and accentuate instead the fullness of hips curvature thus likely hiding the curvature imperfections of the thigh area. Miniature skirt or shorten skirt – This pattern is usually suggested for informal occasions as such skirt its length of its hem is usually at the level above or on the knees. Most of the male genders like to see women in miniature skirts... More on this site..

Bridal Undergarments

There are two most common materials used for bridal lingerie: silk and satin. Delicate romantic silk lingerie is the common choice among several young brides. The texture and physical appearance... Find out more...

Club Dress

Mini dresses are common among women in clubs. This type of garment is ideal for those girls who want to play safe with their club outfit. Mini dresses are now available in a vast selection of designs, styles and colors. You can choose from the long- sleeved, sleeveless, off-shoulder and one shoulder ones. Colors are never a problem because you can easily find your favorite... Continue reading..

Cute Rompers

There is a vast selection of baby clothing products available on the market today. One of the popular baby garments today is rompers. Cute rompers come in various styles, designs and colors. What makes rompers better than other apparels is that they are one- piece clothing and thus it is easy to wear. It is very important for a parent like you to select the most suitable rompers for your baby. Cotton is... Click here to read more..

Juniors Clothes

For instance, there are juniors who prefer wearing shorts more than wearing pants. From toddlers to teenagers, they consider being “in trend” as a requirement to impress their friends, classmates and playmates. It seems like boys can hardly live without trendy garments like jackets, jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. As of jeans,... Source..