Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello! I am Latasha and welcome to my website. I created this blog as a project with Creative Writing, which is an ESL and Web Design program. If you would like to work with me, just use the contact form available on this site. Below is my personal CV, with some samples of sites and content material I've produced earlier.

Graduated with distinction from York Univery
5 years of marketing and advertising experience (particularly for Online individuals)
6 years of website development experience.
Competent, self-motivated professional with a taste for facts.

Work Experience.
Creative Writing,2007 - Present
General Manager
In control of putting together a international team of internet writers to accommodate a specialized range of growth goals and objectives.
- Make cutting edge records for end result, raising production by 25% all over the globe
- Accurately handled regular logs of project distribution
- Handled QA for international creation over a large team of internet writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Hindustani
Exceptional knowledge utilizing extensive choice of office software

You can find my work on these sites

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